Part not showing up on Planning Worksheet

My purchasing manager is wondering why a part with no qty. on hand, with new Sales Order for a qty. of 5 did not show up on his planning worksheet this morning.

I checked sales returns none, purchase returns none, none in bin contents.

Seems to look fine to me. This is off the item card. Not sure if Make-to-Stock is causing it not to show.

Thanks in advance,



And tne planning reorder policy is?

It is Lot-for-Lot Adam.


Are you using SKU’s? If so what is the SKU setting at the location of the demand?

Also check that the from date and to date of the Calculate Regenerative plan actually includes the shipping date of the order (Or shipping date of the sales order line if it differs from the sales header)


Adam we use SKU cards but we only use 1 location - MONROE.


And what is the settings of the SKU for the item on tabs Replenishment and Planning?

Or was the screenshots you gave earlier for the SKU or Item card?


The first one was not, the second I cannot tell [:D]

Hi Lovejazz,

We’re assuming you are a distributor right? (If you are a manufacturer it is a very different story.)

A few things (Martin and Adam, correct me if I am wrong here):

  • Your scenario is a bit confusing. Replenishment system is set to “Purchase” but you are refering to the Manufacturing policy :slight_smile: If you select “Purchase”, Manuf. Policy is obsolete, not used. Logical since you buy the item.

  • You refer to the “Planning Worksheet” which typically used when a MPS is required. If you are a distributor, you would typically use the “Requisition Worksheet” instead. On the other hand, you can still use the Planning Worksheet for the MRP calculation…it adds up to the confusion :slight_smile:

  • I agree with Martin on the date issue. The “Lot for Lot” Reordering policy is using the reordering cycle so the dates used for the plan might not fit within the reordering cycle.

Jacques were a manufacturing facility but we purchase a lot of our parts to use in our products.

Here is the SKU card for planning and replenishment. I can try using different dates and see what happens.


Fixed Reorder Quantity uses the settings of the fields in the right column on same tab. Could you pleace give settings of those fields too? (Reorder point etc…)



Their all zeros.


So the demand date is before the end date of the plan I presume. The settings look okay and I presume you have checked the on hand screen and you said you checked for transfers etc so three options: 1. Your data has been tampered with. Take out the transactions in the item ledger and check the sums. 2. You have modified the planning engine 3. There is a bug in your configuration coupled with your supply and demand pattern

I usually set reorder Quantity and Order Multiple to 1 if i do not have special needs to allways order 10 or 50 etc (Could be that 0 means the same as 1 but i usually do to be sure [:)] )

Reorder Qty is the Basic qty ordered and multiple is what is added multiple times to fullfill tha demands. For example if demand is 56 and reorder qty is 50 and multiple is 10 then system will suggest to buy 60.

I do not remember if Reorder Cykle is used with fixed reorder qty. Use F1 while in a field to see standard NAV help for the field. If you plan to order this item once a week set it to 1w. if ordering is every other week set it to 2w.


I will try changing the qty. to 1 and see what happens.

This is a very low volume part. Only been used twice in the last 3 years. Last time it was made on an RPO and this time it is going to be purchased.



Martin I changed the Reorder quantity to 1 and it worked.



0 used to work, 1 means you always hold one in stock which I never liked, and the multiple of 0 is the same as 1 in reality. Oh well it is solved, I suppose it has moved on since I last opened it 4 years ago!! [:D]