hi can any one help me to know what is parmTable and use of parmTable?


Take a look at DEV III training manual, chapter 02, page 31. Basically it is used together with the batch system and allows to update diferent orders each with different parameters at the same time.

Hello Venkatesh,

When sales orders, purchase orders, or production orders are updated to a new status, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 uses Parm tables to store what will be updated. This allows the user to view and modify what will be updated without affecting the original order. It also enables the update to be processed by the batch system.

To use the Parm tables, a ParmId is created. This is a sequential number taken from the System ID number sequence set up on the Company Info table. The ParmId ensures the tables are linked together correctly using a unique identifier for each update - one order can be updated multiple times. The table records are then created using data from the appropriate tables. For example, PurchParmTable is initialized using data from PurchTable, and PurchParmLine is initialized using data from PurchLine.

Note the use of “InitFrom” methods on most of these tables. In the SalesFormLetter.CreateParmLine() method the salesParmLine record is set from SalesLine table by use of the SalesParmLine.initFromSalesLine() method.


In many installations I noticed this issue. By default, over a period of time the data in all Parm tables (I believe there are 5 parm tables for sales and 5 parm tables for purchase) will keep growing up.

There are two periodic jobs (one each for sales & purchase) which needs to be run in order to keep data in these tables to a more manageable size.

Hi Harish,

it would be really useful if you could remember what these jobs are called. Any ideas?