Parm a map to data contract to run batch

Hi All,

I am implement a function which can batch update quantity for user selected record for a table. I used a map to store the data need to be updated. But how can I parm this map from controller class to the data contract?

For example, user selected a set of records into map A in the form B, after user click batch button, we can invoke the batch controller class extends SysOperationServiceController, and the controller use service C, and there is an operation in service C will use data contract D, so how can I transfer the map A to data contract D?

What I am really care about is how can I call a method with parameter by using new(classStr(someClass), methodStr(someMethod), SysOperationExecutionMode::ReliableAsynchronous) method in class SysOperationServiceController?

The operation you specified will be called by SysOperationServiceController.runOperation(). It checks whether the method accepts a parameter and asks users to fill the contract in a dialog. You can, though, get the data contract by getDataContractObject() and set values from code.

Use cross-references to find examples in standard AX.