Parent Item of BOM Item

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How to get the parent item of the BOM item in Explosion form Production order… Please refer the below screenshot…

Please suggest me how to do this?

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Any suggestions…?

May tables are different in D365(i am not familiar with D365) but in ax 2009 you will get details about parent item id from BOMVersion table. You may fetch data from BOMVersion table using BOMId filed of BOM table.

Any other suggestions?

Go back to the customer and train them how the screen works? It is a very simple screen for anyone using BOMs/Formulas. I would argue adding the immediate or end parent (nested and single production orders) adds no real value, the levels show you what you need . What is the argument for doing this above cosmetic, what is the return on value period for the cost, or is it business critical enough to pay $100000 for the change?

If you need to do it you need to write code to the level above, checking it is not a dynamic pegging (phantom) and seeing if it is planned or actual production/batch order and then reference the item id.

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I want to get the parent item(0750) when selecting the child lines in the tree(3796) and I have to update it to parent item field in the grid using code…

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Please suggest…

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Any solution regarding the retrieval of parent item id when selecting the child items? Suggest an answer from where and how it is fetching and grouping the child item ids for each parent items.

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Please suggest.

Any suggestions…?

Any suggestions?