Parent child set up in AR/AP


What is Parent Child Set up in Accts Receivable/Payble, where we setup this??

is this related to Technical part??



It is nothing techical, it is financial, where a child places orders but never pays for them - you use the invoice-to field to create the relationship.

can you tell me the path of this functionality ?

Sales Ledger - Customer Details - Overview Tab - Invoice Account

Purchase Ledger - Vendor Details - Overview Tab - Invoice Account.

Hi Adam,

Sorry I am still novice in this AX, I could not find Sales Ledger in AX. This term I found in SAP or JD Edwards.

Could you give me your kindness to help me find where this menu is?


Accounts receivable>Customers> double click on any record to see customer details

Invoice & Delivery tab> Invoice account field.

Assumed you are on AX2012.

Hi Santosh,

Thank you very much

Yes we are on the way implemeting 2012 R2.


Just to clarify that, Accounts receivable is the term used in US English, Australia and so on, while Sales ledger is used British English. Technically it’s a single label.

Dear Experts,

Does the Parent Child in AR or AP tie to Credit Limit?

the scenario : I have 1 parent and 5 children, and we put the Credit limit to the parent only. Do all transactions will reflect to the relationship or goes to particular Customer or Supplier? We want all groups transactions are tracked by group wise.


Yes, but try it and see to clarify, the test takes as long as it did to read the post and post the reply :slight_smile:

Good to know.

Using an AP Invoice Account that is different than the Ordering Vendor Account, I am seeing that the Terms of Payment are matching with the parent invoice account rather than with the child ordering vendor account. Is this correct? Our consulting client wants Terms of Payment to flow from the child ordering vendor account instead of the Parent Invoice Account What’s the standard behavior? Are there any common customizations around these behaviors?

Thanks in advance.

Customizations you write yourself, so you can make it do what the customer requires, however the financial liability and relationship is with the parent, not the child, and that is why the terms of payment flow from the parent.