Parent Child relationship on a customer

I understand how you can use the Invoice Account to build a parent child relationship but I’m looking for something different.

Using the Invoice Account roles up the child’s AR up to the parent. What I’m looking for is strictly reporting. I want to have parent and children but each to be responsible for there own AR. I want to be able to see a parent child relationship and not use the Invoice Account.

I see Organization number and that might work but its not a good solution since its free format and not validated.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried using customer classification groups for setting up the relation? You can setup customer classification for particular customer set. That can be used for reporting.


That is a bit different. So say I have the following:

Parent Customer 1

Child Customer 1

Child Customer 2

Child Customer 3…

So in this example the Parent has 3 children. It will be there own Invoice account but I want to know that all 3 are children of a Parent. I see Organization on the customer form and want to see how others might be using it or if there is a better way then what I’m thinking.