Paramters for Effort estimation of an NAV Upgrade Project??????


What are the parameter used for effort Estimation for database Upgrade?

May be following are a few, and I would like to know what others are deciding factors:

  1. Number of Objects changed

  2. Database Size

  3. If the customization done are now part of standard database or not

  4. What is the current and target (upgraded to)version

Can the effort estimation be done without having the access to database/ objects? What is the general practice for submitting the upgrade proposal, does the NSC ask for the copy Of the database for effort estimation prior to submitting the proposal? Do prospects/ clients agree to provide the copy of database or atleast copy of all the objects?


You need to look at the db objects. You need to analyze if all the mods can be upgraded, or a rewrite is needed. Customers provide at least a copy of the objects and the size of database, and number of companies that need to be upgraded.

Thanks Rasheed,

Any other opinion??