parameters odbc in access 2000 macro

Hi! I want to make an automatic odbc import from navision 2.5 own database to access 2000. I have the command transfer database in an access macro. Now I have problems with the parameters of this command. What is wrong with that parameters? transfertyp – Importieren datenbankformat — ODBC-Datenbank datenbankname – ODBC; DSN=Navision; (is that the name of the odbc connection?) CSF=No; (What means that?) Database=c:\programme\navision finacials\db.fdb; (Is that the Path to my navision Database?) PPath=c:\programme\navision finacials; (is that the path to my fin.exe?) Uid=admin; (is that the user is for a navision user? where is the password for that user?) CN=Consol; (what means that?) SERVER=N; (what means that?) Objekttyp=Tabelle; Quelle=Bankkonto (is that the name of a navision table?) Ziel=B (is that the name of my ilported table in access?) Nur Struktur=Nein Who can me help with the right parameters? Thanks Fred