Parameters are not grouping in SSRS report

Hi All,

I have used the LedgerTrialBalanceContract class in my customized report.

But, when I have opened the report, parameters are not grouping.

any one suggest me on the same.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “parameters are not grouping”?

may be help for this link check it once…/

Thanks for giving replay Martin,

i want all these parameters like group wise(in standard class that parameters are coming group wise and attached is for Ur reference)


Thanks Anil but i have used standard contact class in my customized report , where in parameters coming but not in grouping if any thing needed to get the same in my report.

Aha, so you’re talking about the dialog form in AX, not a report. You want to put dialog fields to field groups, correct?
In that case, SysOperationGroupAttribute is the right answer, as long as you’re using an automatic UI builder (unfortunately you didn’t tell us anything about your solution, so we can’t know whether it’s the case or not).