Parallel or serial operations

My client has several machines: M1, M2,M3, M4, M5 who can work at the same time time and doing samething but the last operation is doing after the others. When producing, we need to be able to take an a account any machine from M1 to M5. How can we set up operations on routing?? This is what was done and I need some kind of validation: Type: Parallel Routing. Op No. Next Op. Machine No. Run Time 10 20|30|40|50 M1 0.0005 20 30 M2 0.0005 30 40 M3 0.0005 40 50 M4 0.0005 50 M5 0.15 Thanks

Look FCS at It balances charge between machines.

Hi Tatiana Where is the parallel routing falling down for you - capacity or current usage view?

Hi Steven, It’s capacity. So what is the best response to do that???

Hi Tatiana Rather a sad person I am at home at the moment about to go on holiday until the 26th of August. I felt it would be rude after asking the first question if I did not respond for a couple of weeks [:D]. I am sure others will look at the postings, but in case they do not I have emailed the topics to myself as a reminder. No computers and no Attain where I am going . . . . . . [:D]

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Sorry T., but I do not understand the issue you are facing.

Hi Tatiana, Try the following. Attach all 5 machine centers to the same work centre and than attach the work center in the routing as you have shown. This way, The capacity will get added for each operation. However,When you say you need to take account for every machine, That is not possible individually. I am doubtful still iof I hv understood correctly. Regards, DD

Hi DD, In fact my question was : 1. Which type of routing do I need to use: parallel or serial when I want to work with several machines doing the same thing and working sometimes at the same time. 2. If next operation is not the same at all, what will be the routing type in that case?? Thanks

There seem to be a lot of “sometimes” in your question, so you might want to consider making some versions fo the most common routings and let it be a user decision, or implement some logic to select the version you want.

Hi Tatiana, I’m not sure I understood your problem, but a parallel routing has to have an unique start and an unique end operation. Therefore yours should look like this: Type: Parallel Routing. Op No. Next Op. Machine No. Run Time 10 20|30|40|50 DUMMY 0.0 Start operation 20 60 M1 0.0005 30 60 M2 0.0005 40 60 M3 0.0005 50 60 M4 0.0005 60 M5 0.15

Thanks Elena.

Hi Rosine I enjoyed the break thanks - does Elena’s example answer your question?