Papersource selection on every page

I really would like to be able to select the papersource of a report in the c/al code or on page headers. Now you can only select the papersource for the whole report, but i want page 1 from source 1 page 2 from source 2 etc… Also being able to select outputbins would be handy! Rgds Benny Giebens

V2.5 has half of what you want. There are report properties for PaperSourceFirstPage and PaperSourceOtherPages. Also, there is a C/AL function: CurrReport.PAPERSOURCE(PaperBinNo [, PhysicalPage]) that lets you specify the papersource for each page. There is no abaility to specify the output tray as yet. You can specify the papersource for the first page and other pages in the report properties -jp