Paper Orientation Print Error

I have a report set up to print in Landscape (Warehouse Pick for instance) when I try and print to a specific network printer it defaults back to portrait. It does not happen with every printer on the network, just this specific one. I am using Win 2000 and the printer is an HP4100 PCL6. Any suggestions? Thanks Stuart Hardman

Hi! We had a similar problem with WinNT and a printer, too. We just installed the printer again - as a new printer! - to the NT print-server with a fixed setup for landscape (means: same printer installed twice: portrait and landscape), and so we were printing our reports on that printer. Regards, Jörg P.S.: this was an quite old printer-model, we don’t use it anymore [:D]

Thanks for that, found a setting on the server that seemed to be corrupted - causing the problem, as I wasn’t an administrator I couldn’t change it and for some reason the report couldn’t overwrite it. Once I got admin access to the server I changed the ‘Quick Sets’ Back to Factory Settings from the corrupted option and it works fine. :slight_smile: