Pallet at Location

Hi All,

I have a problem about pallet. The situation is like this:

There’s a warehouse WH01 with 10 bulk location, 1 inbound dock and 1 outbound dock. Every bulk location in the warehouse can only contain 1 pallet. I have ITEM01, and I set quantity per pallet is 10 pcs.

I create a purchase order for 97 ITEM01. Then I create item arrival journal, it will create 10 line ITEM01 with unique pallet ID for each line and I post the journal. After that I do pallet transport so the item is at WH01. Therefor warehouse WH01 is currently full.

I do sales order for 97 ITEM01 and do the pick pack, so all location in warehouse WH01 should be empty. But when I do another purchase order for 50 ITEM01, confirm it and do journal item arrival, I can’t post the item arrival journal because it can’t find empty location.

When I look at the on hand, the pallet ID for 97 ITEM01 is still at the location. But there’s no quantity on the location, there’s only pallet on location so I can not input any item to the location.

My question is how to take out the empty pallet from the location so I can input another pallet to the location.

Thank you in advance.


Esther Mulijono