Palet Transport on Picking Route


I tried to pick 2 item from two different palets into a new created palet using the picking route. I did everything like it was explained in the training material but there was no palet transport created.

How can I use palet transport when I pick different items from different palets? Does it work only with whole palets?? Do I need some special settings?

Is it possible to use random storage without using palet transport??

Thanks for helping!!


Hi Ed,

You can certainly pick partial items managed by pallet control if of course, you have an appropriate unit of measure - metres, cms, tonnes etc. If your unit is a Pcs (piece) AX won’t undertstand for sure, it’ll need to be the whole pallet.

For me there is no problem either regarding random storage for items managed via pallet ID; you can note a default storage locations but it doesn’t mean you have to put the pallet there.

Good luck