Page webservice methods

Hi, can anyone explain me how to consume the web service methods like create, update, delete and getno methods used in some standard pages like customer and sales invoice. What is use of getno method in customer page webservice. Please give me some details on this topic. thanks in advance. Shyam


If you haven’t already, then I’ll suggest that you start by studying these Web Services Walkthroughs on MSDN. There’s a chapter only on consuming page web services, including some good examples. That’s how I learned how to use the web services. Then if some of the examples, doesn’t work, or you have specific questions, then please ask again. [:)]

And ALWAYS remember to write which version of Navision your question is about. Microsoft have made many improvements, since they introduced the web services with NAV 2009 eight years ago. The link I have provided above are for NAV 2015. But once in the page, then you can find examples for NAV 2009, 2013 and 2013 R2 also, if you click the “Other versions” link in the page top.

Finally, what getno method do you talk about?