Page overflow control in Navision reports

now and then I run into a problem which is a real headache. I don’t know about others, but Italian users are very fond of form-like documents, I mean documents printed as if they were printed on a form - think about an invoice with colums, vertical lines separating the data in the columns, a fixed header and a fixed footer.

To do that you need to count the lines to be printed in advance, calculate how many lines will be printed in the last page and fill the possible gap between the last actual line and the footer with lines consisting only of vertical bits of line. So far so good. Problem is that after you have carefully determined how many lines will go in a page before the automatic page overflow control makes the page jump, the transfooter and transheader (if any) be printed, how many pages will be printed and how many lines will remain to be printed when the last page starts and obtained a nice report which looks wonderful on your own laptop, you go and try to run it on the customer’s workstations and printers and… bang! There always is at least a printer or maybe just a single workstation using that printer where the page length is measured differently and your report plays havoc with page control - like it prints to lines and jumps, prints all the lines continuously as if it were a single long page and anything between that.

Sometimes I succeed in making the report behave just changing the maximum number of expected lines per page, but sometimes not even that does any good. I wonder whether there is any local printer setup which might be checked…

Anybody ever experienced a similar problem? … that is, if anybody was able to understand my rant! [:)]

I see that you are at loss about what I’ve been talking about. [:)]

Ok, let’s try to put it in a different way - does anybody know about any local printer setting which might clash with a Navision report properties?

I don’t know if it’s the exact same issue. But I did experience several times that the same reports prints differently on different printers, even if they are from the same vendor (and should be support the exact same codes). My recommendation for this is always that they should always use the exact same printer model if they want the same result, because even though they have the same “printer language” then they don’t work exactly the same way. And with the prices for printers these days that’s normally not a very big issue (of cause unless you talk about the big can-do-all department printers).

I’ve actually also similar issue where the same report did was printing very differently depending on if you printed to it locally attached printer or if it was on the network. And it was the exact same model, the develop had just had it locally when developing the report. And when attached to the network it didn’t print correctly anymore…

yes…i have a problem similiar like this

paper size A2 420 x 594 mm

Orientation Landscape

menu sections

SectionWidth 40540

SectionHeight 886

while i preview this report, it only seen half of the report

how to be seen full report ?


I experienced these and also reports printing diferently when printed on any printer controlled by a specific computer or printing differently whether printed by a physical printer or a PDF driver. It always happens with reports with a complex structure, with many different sections from many dataitems, that is the most difficult to manage. It’s quite frustrating when, after a big struggle to have a difficult report looking like you (and the customer) want and then discover that it’s not working on the user’s printer! [8o|]

To find out what’s interfering would really be great. [:P]

I can’t say by sure, but this might be just a preview issue, dealing with the A2 format.

The last period doesn’t really stand very well. I whished to edit it, but I got a “Post Edit Permission Expired” answer… after a very few minutes. Isn’t that a bit silly? [:)]

I haven’t actually seen this issue in many years. But years ago a common error was network time out causing large reports to mis print completely. Does it work fine when you print to PDF and not when you print to network printers?Or?

so my problem is beacuse the paper? what must i do then?

In some cases yes, but not always so. Anyway, in my experience, it always acted as if the page lenght was differently set than in report properties.[:(]

I don’t know. Sorry. Mine is just a guess - maybe Navision print preview can’t handle an A2 size, as the report editor can’t handle more than a meter long sections view.

If so, I’m afraid there’s little you can do. Just test on print. [*-)]

the problem is not happened only while we print

preview is also only half …