Page number format - How to display the page number format as 1 of last page, 2 of last page, 3 of last page.


I am a beginner of using AX 2009.

I would like to change the report page number format. Currently, all the page number display as page 1, page 2, page 3 & etc. The format now is fine but the user cannot know how many pages in total. They might miss out few pages.

Therefore, i would like to change the page format to display as 1 of last page.

I am thiking to use the current method to display the page in running number:

display str 20 pageNum()
return strfmt("@SYS24160",;

Then, add a text โ€œofโ€

and the following with the last page.

Anyone could advise "How to set the method in order to display the last page?"


use the function, element.pagesTotal(); โ€“ to get value of total pages of a report.

Thank you!. Yes, i managed to do it.