Page N of M on Picking Ticket

I have created a great picking ticket in Crystal Reports. But I don’t want to have to keep opening Crystal to run this report. I have matched the picking ticket exactly in navision except for one feature. Crystal has a very easy way of creating pages numbers. Especially N of M. Can this be accomplished on a Navision Picking Ticket so the packer knows exactly how many pages he/she should be expecting[?] By N of M I am refering to: Ex. 5 page order. page 1 prints (1 of 5) page 2 prints (2 of 5) etc. etc.

No you have to calculate the number of pages before the actual report if you really want that.

How would you go about doing that?

Hi HR, You have to run the report first without printing the report and store the last page no from currreport.pageno into LASTPAGENO (Variable)and when you re-run for the second time, (you print this time) you can use currreport.pageno :OF: LASTPAGENO regards venax.

This looks like it would work for 1 order but what if i wanted to print picking tickets for 20 orders at once. Is there any reset page no after order number break?