Page hidden of a user from other users in Microsoft dynamics nav 2017

Hi team,

A user created a page in the dynamics nav 2017 and the user is managing the same role center with others. But others with the same role center are seeing is open and pending documents. How can i hide the user from others viewing is private documents. Thanks

Exactly what kind of open and pending documents?

Not sure if you are talking about that users are seeing private data from other users, in a table where they also have their “own” documents? Or if this “document function” must be hidden from some users.

If the first, then you may have to put in a “user id” into the table and then only show the users own entries.

If you need to prevent some users access to some tables/functions, then you need to change which permissions sets are assigned to the users. Then (depending on your server settings) it will not show the “document function” to the users without access.

I have a field called Created By in the table. The open documents are the documents the user created because three users are using the same Role Center

In a case where the user created a request advance document page and she has not sent it as Send Request Approval, where she is managing the same role center with other two users but they are seeing her open documents.

Fields in my table includes: Created By datatype code, Created By Name datatype text,

In the OnInsert()

Created By := USERID;

How can I hide her open documents from others. Thanks

What documents? Incoming Documents?

You “could” create code in the page, which upon opening would set a filter on the page. Like SETRANGE(“Created By”,USERID), but it’s a little tricky. You would also need to be able to open the page without that the filter has been set. Like their “supervisor” must be able to see all. So you may need something in the user setup table as well. Plus you may need to move the “Created By” := USERID code into the OnNewRecord trigger in the page. Otherwise the new record may end up outside the filter.

For Smart user you should also consider Page Property ShowFilter which you should make No if not they might filter other users…

As said by Erik You might require and can develop whole setup for managing visibility across the Application.

I customize some documents for my client like Request for Advance (Cash Advance, Touring Advance, Imprest, Payment Request), Short Term Investment and Treasury Bills which have to pass through Initiator, approver. Therefore as Status: Open, Pending Approval, Released. Thanks

Thanks. On developing setup for visibility across the Application, I need your assistance because i want to make some documents editable: False for Audit personnel. Which I did on the Role Center why I set the page under page properties RunPageMode: view but its nt working

In the case of their supervisors to view their pages, How can I achieve that? Thanks

That’s what I meant about making “something” in the user setup table. The best (and cleanest with upgrades in mind) would be to have a “Document User Setup” table and page. Here you could then setup which users are “supervisors” and which regular users. You could even extended (later) to have two different supervisors, only see their and their users documents. If you would “just” use the regular user setup table, then you would just end messing up that table even more than it already is.
Then of course, after creating the setup table/page, then you would need to access this table to see if the user is a supervisor or not, the same place you’ve set the filter previously.

Thanks. I have table/ page called QuantumJumps User Setup which contains User ID (code= 50), Employee No. (Code= 20), Signature (BLOB), In Management (boolean), which others field did I need to add.