Page footer in purshare order report


i had created a new footer in the purchase order created footer is coming but after the gap(blank) of one page.for ex if i my report is of 5 page then new created footer is coming on the 5th page and 4th page (page footer ) is coming blank.please any ane can help me how can i remove that blank page footer

Sorry unable to understand please elaborate

In Purchase Order report ,after purch line i have added 2 extra footer.As i have to print 2 diffrent records one by one once the purch line and the existing footer printing.

So i have added 2 footer along with one standard in standard report.All footer printing properly.But in bettwen the two new footer 1 page gap is showing.I am unable to remove that.Can any body tell me what xactly the issue?

can you please Send an Screenshot of output ?