Page Design - Auto Collapse Group

When editing a page design, is it possible to set a fast tab (sub type group in page design) to automatically be collapsed rather than expanded. On my sales order screen i want the header to be expanded which it is, but i want other groups to automatically be collapsed for ease of use as it is not very often some of the groups are used.



Hi James,

There is no way in the page designer to set if a group (fast tab) should be collapsed or expanded.

But when the user has collapsed the tabs, they don’t need, then NAV remembers this. So it’s only something that needs to be done once by each user.

Maybe this setting is even stored in the role center profile. So if you start NAV with the profile configuration setting, then this would be set as the default for the users in that profile. Haven’t tested it myself though. Maybe someone else have, or you must try it yourself.

Do you know the settings to use for this?


Thank you for responding so quickly. I will test it myself, but I don’t know where the profile configuration is kept. I would be grateful if you could tell me where this is kept.



That’s kept in the metadata tables in NAV. So it’s not like a file you can copy from one role center or database to another.