packing Slips not available at the time of Invoicing


I can see the packinglsip pertaining to purchase XX in the inquiry button on the purchase order table.

When I try to go to post the invoice. Packing slip are not visible. It indicate the alter button in the overview tab.

While I have selected the packing Slip in the Parameter ’ Quantity"

When I press the “select packing slip button it shows the empty Grid”

I have gone to the purchparmtable and purchparmupdate no such waiting record in found in the purchparmtable recrod.

I can see only the packinglsip recrod in purchparmtable.

What is the link missing because of I am not able to see any packing slip related to that purchase order ZZ

Please help me out this problem

Thanks and Regards

Hi hanuman

is packing slip was updated? Also which version of AX you are using?

Thanks & regards\



When u press the "select packing slip button ,did u selected the 'PackingSlip ’ in purchparmTable ?