Packing slip

Hi all,

I have a problem with packing slip.

When I’m changing the status of production order to report as finished I do not get packing slip.

In this way I also can’t do invoice. Someone has ideas what I should to do?

Is this a new item that you haven’t run before? You may want to check the settings on the item to make sure it was set up correctly. As for how to fix it, that might be a bit more tricky! Can you undo what has been done and then rerun with the correct parameters? If not, you may have to work with accounting to figure out the best way to invoice this.

Item ins’t new. I’ve been working with this item before.
I also check production control parameters by site but everything look ok so far.

The production order has no relation to the packing slip, you make it against a production order and put it into stock, you then run a picking and shipping routine related to a sales order. Why do you believe posting RAF will generate a packing slip - is there more to this process you are not telling us?

The process looks in this way as I said. When I finished my production order I got packing slip automatically from system and that’s all.
The problem is maybe with my settings.

Hi Hubertes

That is not the way the system works as standard, the packing slip is related to the sales order. I guess this is all customised code somehow linking production to sales automating picks etc. You would need to review this customisation to understand it. It is difficult for this community to assist because your description is of a non standard process.

Ok, I will consult with our specialist. Thank you for attention.

Hey Steve,

Isn’t there a way to do some sort of subcontracting where posting a route card can generate a product receipt for a purchase order? I thought there was some way to do that…

Can you do that in Project management?

Hi Jake, it is the trigger of the inbound receipt that can close the route, it does not really make process sense to do this on the post of a route because it is the receipt of the sub-contract item that flags the step as finished. However you could argue services delivered could reflect this, but I have not tried this, and as you say it is a receipt not a packing slip.

I have asked for the process to be expanded, and tried to clarify if it is a sales order but the OP did not elaborate.

Kelly in Project Management the reporting of production consumes the stock against the project and is not in stock, but again if you had an item requirement sales order against the project and this linked to the production order it would still, as standard, want you to confirm it is ready and then to delivery note update - not sure you can automate a shipment to reflect it gone on the reporting of production and to be fair the vast majority of businesses would not want it automated.

Ok guys, I resolved this case.
I found some cycle which wasn’t ended. I work in testing environment and someone create cycle to my production order and did not end it. Next I create another cycle and I finished them but in all cycle list somewhere stay starting cycle. I found this line and deleted it. The status of PO was changed from start - report as finished to end. Now is ok.

I have one more question about additional text.
I’m creating new article/product. My route card consists of 5 operation. I need add some additional text to each operation but the option “additional text” is not available for me. When I’m going to Product information management/Common/Released products and I tick my item I got window with all information about my product. I go to option Engineer and Route I have window with with information about route and operations.
In the right site of operation is option “additional text” but it is not available for me.
Do you know what I should to do to activate this option?

I do not see anything in either of my AX 2012 environments that allows for additional text on the route. Is this a customization?

Yeah, looks like it might be either a customization or some cosmetic tweaking of the standard “description” text box on the operation line in the route or the standard paper clip (document handling) attachment functionality available in a route. Another stretch possibility is that this is trying to link to standard “document groups” functionality. My money’s on it being a minor tweak that’s basically just a shortcut to paper clip attachment of a note or text file rather than expecting the user to figure out how to add/name/configure one on their own.

Maybe, I’m not sure.
Case is done.
Topic is closed.