Packing Slip partially Invoiced is Missing

Hi All,

As a scenario, in one PO, 3 Packing slips were issued.

3rd packing slip were invoiced partially, but when another

invoice will be issued on the partially invoiced, packing slip

is not appearing anymore in the list of packing slips related to the PO.

What would be the reason and where this packing slip go?


hi how many lines you have created on PO ?? can u give ur example with qty

Can you tell me another thing after creating a PO line, 1 packing slip 1 invoice you have done or after generating of 3 packing slips , you have done Invoice??


Say i raised, PO#123 Item 1 500pcs

then i make 3 Packing slip,

Packing slip 1 200 qty

Packing slip 2 200 qy

Packing slip 3 100 qty

then i Invoice Packing slip 1 for 100 qty.

but after Invoicing and I go back to the PO, packing slip 1 is not available or not existing anymore.


What would you want to do with packing slip 1 as it is received and fully invoiced? You can still see it in the inquiries but it is not available because there is nothing left for it to be available for.

Yes… Or if not I just want to see remaining balance of the packing slip to be Invoiced.

Because in that case, If I received the invoice for the balance of packing slip 1. How can I apply the invoice

to the specific packing slip (which is packing slip 1) if it is not available anymore even it has a remaing balance?


Sorry misread the quantities across.

When you updated the invoice you would have set the parameter to packing slip and then gone into the matching details I presume, the system will have warned you that you are matching this less than received. By doing this by delivery note you are closing off the delivery note. It is common for an invoice to match a delivery so this is not unfair. In your situation you should have set the parameter to all and set the update quantity to 100 and then the packing slip would have been open. By matching direct against a delivery note you close the delivery note.


In my sample Packing slip 1, when I raise the Invoice and select the packing slip 1, I alter the quantity because I received Invoice for 100qty and not for the total 200 qty. I will check with the parameter you were refering.


If you alter the update quantity to 100 you are telling the system that the invoice against the packing slip is for 100 - it warns you of this, I do not believe you can set it against the packing slip and then alter the quantity, it will close it off because of the concept of invoice to receipt and what you are telling it to do.


I have tried with 100 qty for PO line , Packing slip 1 - 30 qty, PS 2 - 30 qty, PS 3 - 40 qty,

Invoice for PS 1 - 30 qty, PS 2 - 30 qty by using packing slip button (matching dertails) on posting invoice form with parameter ‘packing slip’

and fianlly Invoice for PS 3 - 40 qty , if i do update qty 20 with parameter ‘packings slip’ it will trigger error message , it wont match with qty received, fi i do cahnge in paramter ‘All’ it will post all 40 qty.

after closing error message once again changes done in qty update and paramer ‘packing slip’ it will post for 20 qty only and we can see in inquiries.

but problem is i cant post invoice remining for 20 qty. even posting > invoice button is disabled and Po status is Invoiced.

Not if you set the quantity to 20, it then leaves PS3 open with a remainder of 20 (assuming you set the quantity to 20).

See in the Quantity of Purchase Lines.

How much is there in Invoiced and Received?

What’s the best way to resolve when this occurs?

I have scenario where we ordered 1000, and posted a packing slip for 1000. When we posted the invoice we used the “packing slip” in the quantity parameters and only updated 500 because that was what the invoice was for. They blew past the error message indicated they were invoicing for less then the packing slip.

We will use “All” in parameters quantity if this occurs in the future.

Any suggestions how to invoice rest of line.

Line show, 1000 received, 500 invoiced, 0 remainder, status is invoiced.

When you do such a kind of transaction - the system takes the cost of 500 for 1000 qty and the same amount will be posted to vendor even.

So to correct this transaction you need to reverse it and re-post it.

To reverse this do the following process.

  1. enter “-1000” qty in Receive Now field(Quantity tab).

  2. Post packing slip by changing the qty parameter to Receive Now.

  3. In the invoice stage change the qty parameter to packing slip and update the qty to “-500” and post the invoice.

Now your inventory and vendor transactions will reversed and the PO status will be Open Order.

Again post the transaction in the way it has to be posted…

Thanks Kranthi. Works perfect. I was attempting, but forgot to update only the “-500” at the invoice stage. Thanks for help.


Hi Kranthi,

why i can not put “-1000” qty in Receive now field?