Packing Slip not found while invoicing the purchase order


I have a strange problem in Axapta. I made a packing slip for the purchase order and while invoicing the packing slip is not shown in the grid. When filtered the VendPackingSlipJour table with the packing slip number then it is available. Even i cleared the history of packing slips. Can anybody help me out on this. I tried all my efforts to trace down the problem but nothing found.

Appreciating any reply.



The PackingSlip during the Invoice - will be shown only when you are trying to post an invoice againt a packing slip.

Change Quantity → Packing Slip - and then select packing slips in case of multiple packingslips…

Thanks Kranthi for your reply.

We have multiple packing slips for purchase order and even i am using quantity as packing slip. When select packing slip option is clicke, axapta takes you to select packing slips form showing all availabe packing slips but there the packing slip is not availabe which i want to invoice. The packing slip is shown in inquiries option of purchase order form but not showing while invoicing.



Reason is always as follows

  1. either those packing slips are invoiced and financially updated or

for this go to line item and then inventory → Transactions → check whether financially updated or not.

  1. those packing slips are already selected for invoice posting and that invoice is in pending invoices.

For this go as follows

Histore → Invoices (Select PO#) and check whether it is having waiting status or not then delete it.

i believe for you second one will be possible reason.


I resolve the issue just go to the invoice in purchase payable filter the same purchase order against you wanted to make invoice , delete the line and then check again you ll able to see the packing slip which is hide earlier