Packaging of Item

Hi All

I have one item with different packaging like white flour in two different packaging of 45 kg bag and 10 kg bag. Can anyone suggest me how i maintain this item in item master do i need to create the two item with different SKU. And also i have to use this item in production as one item. Please Advise me how can i do this.


You could use an inventory dimension (config etc), you could use different items, depends upon the detail of what is required and what the business wants.

i cant use them, inventory dimension. My Scenario is purchase item in two packaging(like white flour in 45 kg/bag and 10 kg/bag) in item master they have defines two. Upto procurement it is ok i can use the inv dim but the problem is this i have to use the flour in production, how can i make the item one. Either i have to ask the procurement to purchase on the basis of Quantity not packaging. Or u guide me what can i do.


Dear imran:

you can use batch number with financial and phisical updating and then creat tow difrent name one for the 40 and the other for the 25 then when you want to purchase the 25 select its batch number

Can’t? You would have the flour as one item with different dimensions and the rest depends upon your processing, no issue of production in flour, define the item with the dimension TBC and post the usage, or alter the BOM to flush correctly.

You could also use the UOM have a base of KG and purchase default to 45kg and they change to 10kg when required and you consume in the stocking UOM of KG. All depends upon the detail of the processing, if I was unsure I would proof of concept both to them.

Thnk you so much Adam and memmoud for your valuable suggestions.

I will tell you the whole thing. Actually my client have the production unit of bakery products.Eg we are producing the donut and bread,for that i have define the BOM in which i define the flour. In purchasing we are purchasing the flour of two packaging one of 45 kg/bag and other is 10 kg/bag.While defining the BOM in donut i have selected 45kk/bag item and in bread i have selected 10kg/bag. Now when the item got issued it can issued from either packaging.Now at the end when i see the stock the inventory what i will get is not correct.

For this i thought we have to maintain the item as one and concentrate on unit instead of packaging.Wht do u say???

You will have to run it through, but in the bakery industry I implemented in these had to be two different parts and not a UOM differentiation because of the need to pick and consume bags and not KG. Your issue if you stock in KG is if you have 100KG in stock you do not know if this is 2.5 bags or 10. This can be done through the config dimension and the user defines the consumption, but also in mine there was a need to automatically consume, so the item differentiation was the easiest.

You will have problems using the same item number, so you either need to overcome these or separate them. Technically they are different items because of the packaging in this industry, the UOM arguably covers this but causes later processing issues and therefore separation is an easier solution.