Pack & Unpack method in AOT query (AX 2012)


How can i save range values in AOT query so that user can see same value when open AOT query.

SysQueryForm handles the pack/unpack mechanism. The last selected values will be saved when you click OK.

What issue you have with this?


In Report, I want to display Business Unit & Department in Select Query dialog & would like to save that value. Lets say If I add range for Transdate in Query Range node and for Dimension, I have added below code to display Business Unit & Department in Query- init method and used pack & unpack method to save query values.

dimensionProvider.addAttributeRangeToQuery(query1,, fieldStr(tablename, LedgerDimension), DimensionComponent::DimensionAttribute, SysQuery::valueEmptyString(), BusinessUnit, true);