Pack Slip Update

Can anyone tell me what, precisely, happens in the system when I do a pack slip update? Will AX compare the information on the Sales Order to the information on the Pack Slip? What happens if my pack slip information does not match my sales order information? For example, if we could not pack the entire ordered quantity?

We are using AX 2012 R2

It depends upon what parameter you use when creating the packing slip, it depends how you have got the stock to that point (picking, registration, WMS etc). The packing slip is a confirmation of the shipment, which depending upon your process is just a confirmation, differences are usually dealt with before then, however if you could not pack everything, and it was picked, you would define this and then ship what you had packed, then unpicking the remainder, or processing it later from staging.

Thanks, Adam.

Any idea where to start if I want the Packing Slip confirmation process to identify or flag in some way when the information on the Sales Order is different?

When the items are picked and order is to be shipped,a packing slip, which serves as the shipping document is sent from the warehouse along with the shipment and it commonly includes an itemized detail of the shipment. The order status will change to delivered when all the SO quantities are picked and packing slip updated.The parameter options- Deliver Now, All, Picked can be used to see the SO line with respective deliver now or picked quantities in the packing slip form and thus prevent us from updating packing slip with wrong quantities. For partial picking and packing slip, system will look for any setup for under delivery percentage if existing. The Close check-box on the line in the packing slip form is used to set the deliver remainder quantity to zero and close the order if the under delivery is under the accepted limit as per the under delivery set up.

Not really, it would be a customization, and you would have to identify which fields are different and why in the process. I am not sure under what circumstances you want this. I mean if the order is 10 and you part ship 3 because you have them in stock would you want to be told it is different? Apart from the quantity I am struggling to see what else you would logically change.

You can have look in SalesEditLines form → run method for your query resolution.