P O was deleted!!!!

hi my friend ,

i wanna know deleted P.O and WHO can delete this P.O ???

What is the AX version?

In AX 2009 you have the concept of voided purchase, which will track the delete orders information.

AX 2009


Select the Mark Orders as Voided parameter in AP, so that the system will track the deleted purchase orders.

The deleted orders will be available at AP → Inquiries → History → Voided purchase orders

Hi Kranthi,

Shall I restore a deleted PO, I got code to do the same from this link


I want to know about the impact, if I restore a deleted PO. As Ax 2009 doesn’t allow to restore a deleted PO.


Instead of all the worry, concern, checking, validation, testing etc. Why not just re-key the order?

Hi Adam,

I am not willing to re-key the order coz the order has already been delivered and invoiced.


Well it does not need creating - you can correctly delete invoiced orders if you allow it - you should not be writing reports from the po and all transactions exist so you do not need the po.

What If I need to issue a Credit Note with ref to a deleted PO.