P and L to not include closing entries

I have a client that needs to run a P & L across fiscal years. They closed their fiscal year on 03/31/09 and now want to run the P & L from 10/01/08…08/31/09. Unfortunately the “C” closing entries (C03/31/09) are included in the amounts and throwing off the figures.

How can I formulate the account schedule for the Income Statement to not include closing entries??

In Acc.Schedule’s Column layout uncheck "Include closing dates"for all columns.

updated: This works in versions up to 4, inclusively - v5 hasn’t this option anymore… Modris.

Unfortunately that option is not available. The client is using 5.0 SP1.

is the P&L report created in the Account schedules form?

Yes, aka the Income Statement.

OOOppppsss… Your’e completely right - this is lost in v5 - was still there in v4, and I wrote my post without checking… Haven’t had a necessity for Acc.Schedules including P/L accounts over more than one fiscal year (read including closing postings)…

Tried DateFilter <>C* , but this doesn’t work either, Navision claims error in filter settings.
If not already by design, you then need a mod in AccSchedules to exclude these closing dates, I only wonder why this option is excluded from ColLayout setup.

added: I removed “yellow” suggestion flag from my previous answer - it was not a correct suggestion…