Overlapping date range

Hi Team,

I have one small issue.

in my table table having 2 fields Fromdate and Todate(15/04/2015 … 20/04/2015),

When i’m creating new record it wont accept between dates and equal date, like 16/04/15,19/04/2015,

i want to accept 01/04/2015 … 14/04/2015 or 21/04/2015…30/04/2015.

Please help me regading issue.

Thanks in advance…



What’s your version of AX? Why does it reject some dates? Are you using a date-effective table? Or do you have some validation logic there?

Hi Martin,

I’m using ax 2009 version. right now dont have validation logic. i want to built it.

its effects table. when am creating new record in form level, already exsting range date valuse not accept.

Ex: From Date 10/apr/2015 , todate 20/apr/2015, if i enter second record fromdate:12/apr/2015 its wont accept.

Thanks in advance…


If you want to have several valid records at the same time, you’ll either have to make the table as not-date-effective or you have to use an additional field to distinguish the records from each other.