Overhead Applied Account in Nav 4 SP2

Hi Forum, can anyone tell me any reasons why the system would expect an Overhead Applied Account to be defined in General Posting Setup when invoicing a Purchase Order. It has never been expecting it before. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul

The user has set the item up incorrectly. On one of the items on the PO you will see an overhead rate defined on the line (CTRL+F8). This is because it is set on the item card, or was when the item was loaded on the PO. If the item is not received then you can take the item off, alter teh record and put it back on, if it is received you need to adjust the purchase line and the posted purchase receipt line to remove the overhead rate.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. I checked the Item Card and the Overhead Rate is 0.00, I have checked the Purchase Order and the Overhead Rate is 0 and so is the Posted Receipt, most wierd. They had invoiced another PO earlier on today for the same vendor and item and that was fine. Have spoken with the FD and he is going to add a GL code to the Overhead Applied Acct for that General Posting Setup Combination and we will look and see what it posts to the account on Monday. Thanks as always…Paul…I’m loosing track of how many beers I owe you

It could also be that the cost and the price in that line do not match.

The difference between the two is then considered as “Overhead Costs”

Hi Thomas, I didnt think of that, I will check the Item, Thanks…Paul

I would guess that the user have adjusted the “Unit Cost (LCY)” on the PO which will result in a “Indirect Cost %” being calculated on the line.

And indirect cost used the overhead account in the posting setup.

Happened for one of my users as well.