Overdelivery Tolerance in Purchase

I have created a PO of 10 quantities of item X. Suppose the vendor delivers 11 quantities. In Navision normally 11 quantities wiil not be accepted. But if i want to set an overdelivery tolerance of 10%(say) how do i acheive that through code. Plz help me.


This question requires more scoping. E.g.

  1. Will the over delivery be accepted by the customer?

  2. Will the customer pay for the overdelivered item?

You need the question above answered before you can proceed with Development.

Normally, an easy solution is to park all overdelivery items in a location code designated for delivery differences. And it is up to the customer on how to handle these items. E.g. customer can return to vendor, or accept the item as a purchase from the customer etc etc

The customer will accept the overdelivery tolerance and is ready to pay for that as the industry is a garment industry and they accept overdelivery. How do i proceed. Plz help.