Output to Excel Spreadsheet - Aged Accounts Receivable

As a continuation of the explanations in “Output to Excel for Dummies” post, can anyone explain to me the meaning of the options in the line entry below: (from report “aged accounts receivable”)



I understand ExcelBuf is table 370, AddInfoColumn adds CompanyINformation.Name to the second column, row 2, but I cannot find what the remaining code is doing:


In MakeExcelDataHeader, the similar coding of:


I have been able to determine how to use the “Output to Excel” using ExcelBuf grabbing the component list from the Production Component, and getting output totals, but during coding, when errors occurred, I just added “FALSE”, or changed a “FALSE” to " ’ ’ " code, and it works ok, but knowledge of what these codes refer to would be invaluable.

Thanks in advance


Are you asking for the meaning of those parameters?

Yes, the meaning of the parameters may help with future attempts to export reports in excel formats.

Thank you;

Have you already taken a look to the function AddInfoColumn in table Excel Buffer?

I think that names of parameters are self-explanatory.

When I go to the table, and look under C/AL Symbol Menu, I can see “Functions” for the “InfoExcelBuf”, which “AddInfoColumn” is in the right column of the table, but if I select “AddInfoColumn” from the left side, there are no fuctions that can be selected.

Am I in the right spot, or is my license preventing me from seeing these functions.

Thank you;

Have you got a Developer License?

No. Sorry

ok, understood…

Anyway the parameters that you pass to the function AddInfoColumn are:

  1. The Value
  2. It’s a formula or not
  3. Comment
  4. Bold or not
  5. Italic or not
  6. Underline or not
  7. Format for Numbers

Thank you for your help.


You’re welcome.