output print not correct

when print any report the output comming is not correct well

so could you please help me why this happend


It depends what is wrong with the report.

Try to add some more deatails to your question…

thanks it is solved now without any uodate from mour side

Can you tell what is the problem???

If it was solved without any update was it ever a problem. Also asking them to describe a problem now fixed means we also need the fix [:D]

Hi All,

the problem have been solved , that the printer driver updated only " windows driver "

after that every thing bace to normal


No Adam,

I have asked - becuase the question is not pretty clear…

I know - the question was never clear, and now it is fixed. [:D]

Anyway a printer driver has been updated, and presumably it printed incorrectly, or whatever the original issue was!