Output Orders and overproduction

I have a situation using WMSII in AX4.

It is normal practice in this scenario where actual production quantity is
above (or below) Sales Order and Works Order quantity.
I am able to create and post a Production input journal for the increased
amount, carry out Pallet Transports, Report as Finished and End the Works
So far so good.
When I try to create an Output Order either by Posting a picking list on the
S.O. header or by creating from the S.O. line > Output Orders, I am not being
allowed to increase the quantity to the new amount.

Sales Order qty 1200
Works Order Start qty 1200
Production Input journal qty 1290
Pallet transports qty 1290
W.O. Report as finished qty 1290
W.O. End qty 1290
I am unable to increase qty when creating Output Order
Increasing the S.O. qty to 1290 works but the client does not want this.

Has anyone had to handle a situation like this?


Hi Kleckie,

With output orders from a sales line you can only produce one for a quantity which is equal to or inferior than your sales line order quantity.

In the example you give then, your initial quantity of 1200 cannot suddenly become 1290 in your output order 1200 or 1100 yes, but nothing above 1200.

If there is something I have missed in your explanation, don’t hesitate to give more details.