Output Journal Posting Error

Dear All

I got the following error while posting the Output Journal

"You must specify Gen. Product Posting Group in the Item Journal Line template = "output’ Journal Batch Name = ‘AH’ ,

Lineno = ‘2000’ "

Already there is column Gen, Product Posting Group in output journal line but it is showing empty and the column is

diable, how can I enable the posting to put the value, or where I have to setup to get this value automatically,

This group already has been defined in F/M -->Setup–>Psoting Groups → General → Product.

Please anyone can help me to solve this problem for which I shall be thankful to you.


Abdul Haq

Hi Abdul,

You can show the column by right-clicking on the header row and select it in the show column form.

This feild is populated from the item table - check you item and assing a Gen. Prod. Posting Group in the Invoicing tab of the item card.

I did it already Ge. Prod. Posting Group column is there and also it is mention in item card invoicing tab

but still showing empty.

hi abdul…

once again u Select the item.

Then u will get all the information, which u did setup after selecting this item…

I try as u mentioned but still the same no effect.

I think you need to mention the Gen. Prod. Posting Group in Work Center or Machine Center.

I mention in work center and machine center also even though that field is showing empty.

After mentioning in work center and machine center…re explode the routing fro the RP…

now it works fine; thanks very much.