Output and consumption within the same production order

Anybody tried to use aproduction order that uses production family to produce an output item which is subsequently consumed by another item?

Tried a few ways but but my testing, logic and gut feeling is this not possible. Would like to reconfirm my findings if this is as per designed.


Can you give more details about that ? Are you using routing ? You produce an item and create another Manufacturing Order to consume that item?

The scenario is as below.

Create a Family

Item A (BOM - item 001, item 002)

Item B

Item C (BOM - item A, item003)

  1. Create a new production order using family above.

  2. Item A is an output which is also a raw material used in Item C. Post output for Item A first (using production Journal)

  3. Post output for Item C (using production journal)

See if this works…


Are you trying to concurrently manufacture in this manner? I mean are you trying to get item A produced and then used in the production of item C?

I think this is possible irrelevant to families, but families is supposed to be individual items who have similar manufacturing processes - this means they travel through the shop floor together due to similar routing, they can also use the same material consumption and therefore increase optimisation in the line picking of manufacturing components. I do not however believe families are designed to be inter-dependent, but then I could be wrong! [:D]

Why you don’t use independent BOM lists? In that way you can create routing according to your items?
In your way you must use 2 different manufacturing orders.

Hi Nuno

A “Family” order is one order with multiple items being produced with similarities, so I believe the aim here is to do this on one order. I further believe they need to manufacture A with instructions before putting it in C and making C all in one lovely go! Not sure what you mean by independent lists, you mean the “A” that goes into C is the constituent make up of “A” and not actually “A”? This may fail as the instructions to build the part may not then be undertaken - I suppose we need more information really!


Not sure what you mean by independent lists or what you normally call as phantom BOM.

But Steven has gotten the general idea of what I intend to do, producing A to be used in B later. Don;t think this can be achieved using routing, as routing is merely a process flow, but will not be able to create an output qty for A.

I guess the answer is likely to be No for this scenario unless you have another possibility within NAV.



Can I presume that routing link codes have been looked at and excluded? These may work depending upon your requirements and setup. I am not sure if you need the family, can you produce a flat BOM whereby A is reported as a negative quantity through backflushing on a routing link code and therefore it is there when you come to the final part of the routing requiring the component. Just thinking off the top of my head of ways of achieving this with the understanding I have - not actually running through examples!