OutMessage.GetStream in MSMQBusAdapter

Hello, Ive been trying to use ComCom with the MSMQBusAdapter in Delphi to communicate with Navision. Im not having the time of my life doing this. Anyways I managed to do it in VB with the Visual Basic code example from the Development Guide for Communication Components. Now My problem is this… Here is the code from that example that works in VB. However when I try to port it to Delphi I dont seem to be able to save the XMLdoc to the OutMessage Stream. Private Sub Simple_Send_Click() Dim SentCorrectly As Integer Set OutMsg = CC2.CreateoutMessage(“Message queue://”) DOM.Load “c:\test.xml” + chr(0) DOM.Save OutMsg.GetStream SentCorrectly = OutMsg.Send(2000) End Sub Here is the Delphi Code… procedure TfrmMain.bt_SendSimpleClick(Sender: TObject); var bLuck : boolean; begin OutMsg := TOutMessage(cc2.CreateoutMessage(‘Message queue://’)); XMLDoc.LoadFromFile(‘c:\test.xml’); XMLDoc.SaveToStream(OutMsg.GetStream);<-- doesnt work [:(!] ibLuck := outMsg.Send(2000); end; XMLDoc.SaveToStream(TStream(OutMsg.GetStream));<-- doesnt work either The problem seems to be that OutMsg.GetStream gives me a ISequentialStream and thus doesnt accept TStream. Does anyone know a way around this? By the way does anyone know anything about IsequentialStream and IDispatch ? Im particularly interested in IsequentialStream. Thanks.

Hi, OutMsg.GetStream should return you back an IStream not an ISequentialStream. It has been long time ago since I used Delhpi, so I cannot help you there. Have you tried msdn documentation for ISequentialStream? http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/stg/stg/isequentialstream.asp Regards, Jorge