Outlook Integration

Hello all, i am fairly new to using and administrating navision, so i am having some issues.

1- Outlook integration: i cannot get it to work, I am using the administrator account for this, i log into outlook, go to configuration options for the navision synch and set the server/database/company names (it auto finds them after i type in the server IP, and then i hit the test button, i get the message

“the response from MS Dynamics NAV has not been recieved because of connection timeout, please check if the MS NAV server is running and try again later, if the problem persists increase the timeout value in the configuration file. please verify your synch settings, if problem persists contact admin”

I have checked the settings, increased the timeout and the server is running, what am i missing here?

2-Email Marketing campaigns: our marketing department, is trying to initialize marketing campaigns through NAV, but the only problem is when they attach an HTML newsletter, it shows in the attachments and not in the body where it is intended to be, is there anyway to get the HTML into the body of the message? thank you

  1. Which version of NAV are you using? You may need to re-install OutLook Syncronisation setup.

  2. “Send word Docs. as Attmt.” field should be FALSE in the segment forms’s Interaction tab. See the following figure:

1423.DUG.bmp (813 KB)

Hi Hisham,

PS: Welcome to Dynamics User Group (DUG).

thank you alot for your reply, the NAV i am using is 5.0 SP1, any tips on how to install? or i just follow the wizard?

First you should un-install and then while installing follow the wizard.

Let me know about your findings on this issue.

ok, i didnt get the time to try no.1 yet

but for no.2 i checked with our marketing dept. they have it unchecked already, tested to double check, still not working

I want it in the body, not an attachment, and i want it as HTML, maybe we are doing it wrong?

i havent tested no.1 yet,

but no.2 didnt work,

the option is already “unchecked” and to make sure i tried it again and it’s a no go.

the problem is, if i attach a HTML newsletter it goes, but as an attachment, i want it in the body, maybe i am doing it wrong, maybe i shouldnt attach it? how to insert it in the body… and be viewed by the recipient in the body.

Ok, i tried reinstalling and still a no go

note: the NAV version is 5.0 SP1

the outlook version is 2003

the computer running the client is 2008 as a terminal server

I will try to work it on an XP or Vista desktop and see how it goes… but i doubt it’s any different.


I have outlook 2007 and for me its working.

Can you try it with outlook 2007. I am not sure, but perhaps NAV5 SP1 Outlook has some issue with outlook 2003.

Search on this site, I hope you will find some related discussions. Following is one of the link:


Tried with outlook 2007, still the same thing.

note i am using administrator account which is also the same account for administrating Navision (windows auth.)