Outlook Integration

Can anyone tell me where I can find documentation on setting up the Outlook Integration within Navision 4 please? I can’t find anything on Partnersource Thanks in anticipation

Didn’t look in the obvious place did I, the Navision help! I was expecting some complicated stuff with servers and exchange and things, but the whole thing seems fairly straightforward The only problem I have got is when I run the outlook synchronization task, I get an error “Could not invoke the member TelexNumber.” There is then some secondary text “The requested member does not exist, or the call tried to set the value of a read only property”. Any ideas where I should start looking for the problem? I’m setting up synchronisation for sales people. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What Outlook version are you integrating with ?

Sorry, meant to include that. 2003

This is now only a guess: TelexNumber member might be a field that does not exist anymore in the contacts in Outlook2003. If you have the chance then try with an older Outlook just to verify that guess.

Hi Thomas, Thanks for the help. TelexNumber doesn’t exist in 2003. I’ll try and find a pc with an older version on. But question, why would MBS have an interface that doesn’t work with the latest version of its own product?

That is in fact a very good question [:D] In the end the question is what your customer will use. Then you might need to comment out the code using the Telexmember stuff.

Hi Thomas, Glad you agree! The problem is I can’t work out from the message where in the code the message is being generated from. There’s no reference to a function in the message, and there’s no other codeunits used from CU5072.

I guess that you already tried it with the de****er (sorry debugger) ?

I’m not very proficient with the debugger yet, and did try to do it yesterday and didn’t get very far. However, I’ve just tried again, and just let the process run rather than inserting breakpoints and quickly tracked the problem down to codeunits 5069 and 5071, both of which contained references to telex number which I have commented out. The synchronisation nows works perfectly. Thanks for the advice. Sometimes you just need a prod in the right direction and a bit of reassurance that you are looking in the right area. Thanks again. Gary[:)]