Outlook Integration with Navision 5.00

I’m trying to integrate Outlook with Navision 5.00. The following are my questions:

  1. Where do I get the add-in file?
  2. How do I install the add-in file?

Any information you can give me to this effect, I would surely appreciate it. Thanks.

In client installation CD you should have a folder named Outlook. Install it and you should have the add-in in outlook.

I got it. Thanks.

Has anyone ever done Outlook integration with Navision 5.00? I’m having all kinds of problems getting NAS started.

Hi Futuristic,

I think the correct startup-parameter for the outlook integration is ‘MAILLOG’.

When you want to use the NAS, it always have to be started with some startup-parameter, or else it will fail to start.
When the NAS is started, it logs into Navision, as the user defined on the service it self, as “Log-on as”.
This windows-login must also be created at user in Navision, and have proper rights to do what ever you want it to do.

Once the NAS have logged in, it calls the NASHandler-function in CU1, and breaks down the parameterstring.

Based on the different parameter-values the NAS then starts what-ever it is told to.


I was able to install the application server through the command prompt with the maillog parameter. That seems to be well and good. This is the command I used:

nas appservername=sv-004-class,servername=sv-004,compay=“CRONUS USA, Inc.”,startupparameter=maillog,installasservice

That seem to have installed the application server, and I’m able to start it. My Outlook, Settings, Connection tab looks like this:

Server Type: Microsoft Dynamics Nav Database Server


Servername: SV-004

Company Name: CRONUS USA, Inc.

When I hit my test connection, I get the following error message:

The connection to “” Microsoft Dynamics NAV database failed. The program returned the following error: Canno Execute: The Navision CFront initialization failed, with the following error: Please verify that CFront.dll/CFrontsql.dll are available and located in the directory where the application is started. Please verify your synchronization settings. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.

I installed both dlls in the application server folder, as well as the server folder. I stopped the service (application server) and re-started it. I’m still getting the same error message. Any idea what’s happening here? Thanks.


I’m sorry but i don’t have all that much experience with the outlook-integration it self.
I have only worked with it once, and didn’t experience this problem.
I have worked a lot with the NAS though, wich is why i replied to this thread.

Could it be because it’s the wrong version of C/Front?
Did you install it properly, to ensure it has been registered correct in reg.db?
Do the AD-account you use for running the NAS, have proper rights to the dll’s?

I put in in the back burner since I’m doing an upgrade now. At any rate, it’s a new implementation and maybe I’ll use the SP1 instead. Maybe that will help. Anything else you can add will be helpful. Thanks.