Outlook Integration and Application Server

Hi all,

I’m using Nav 5.0 SP1 Native.Our Client has a Outlook Integration.AFAIK Application Server is required for outlook integration.Am I right ??

Will it possible without Application Server ??

Hi Subrata,

It’s correct that it’s intended to be run with a NAS.
Well actually it’s designed to be run with the jobqueue, wich is intended to be used with a NAS.

The outlook-integration it self is done through codeunits 5917 & 5918.
If you look at CRONUS, you’ll find 2 jobqueue entries for these 2 objects.

So all you have to do is to get the jobqueue started (and of course have the 2 jobqueue entries mentioned setup).

The jobqueue is started by running Codeunit 448 - Job Queue Dispacher.

So you can either just go to the object-designer, locate codeunit 448 and press Run.
Or you can design a report that runs codeunit 448, and have that put in the Menu-suite somewhere.
Look at Codeunit 1 - function NASHandler to see how it’s handled.

The jobqueue is only running as long as the client in wich it’s started is running.
As soon as you log out, the integration stops until you start it again (and it can only be stopped by closing the client).

I would suggest to you to again consider if using a NAS isn’t the best way…
In my opinion it’s much more secure, and much more fool-proof.