Outlook (eMail) Automation

Hi all! Hmm … have some trouble with Outlook-Automation … How can I force Outlook to create a Text-eMail, not Rich-Text or HTML? Should be quite simple, but haven’t found the right method/property, yet … couldn’t find a hint in MBSUG … [:(] Can anyone help me? Thanx in advance! Best regards, Jörg

If it’s in Outlook then in new message window click Format => Plain Text [;)] But I have no idea how to make it through Automation !

Jörg, there are two properties that could be interesting: The MailItem.Body property, which contains the plain text message string and the MailItem.GetInspector property, which returns the Inspector object for this MailItem. The Inspector has a property EditorType, which can assume a value of type OlEditorType. This type contains constants for plain text, HTML, RTF and Word. I haven’t done this myself, so the usual disclaimers apply [;)]

Hi Heinz! Well, I use the OlMail.Body Property but the Mail is allways sent as Rich-Text … I also checked the EditorType but how can I set this EditorType? Regards, Jörg

Hi Jörg! To answer your question: You can’t. [:I] This property is write-protected (this little word in the object list escaped me. Sorry.). According to the docs, the EditorType property is reset to the user’s default when the body is set to some value. So I’d guess you will have to look at the options in effect for the local Outlook installation. Anyways, I seem to remember that RTF is the standard format for Outlook messages… [:(]

Hi Joerg If you need the plain text type and don’t need the Outlook automation try CU 397. With this I get always a plain text email. bye André

Thank you!


This property is write-protected

Too bad … so the users have to set their Outlook-Standard-Format to RichText or Text. I want to avoid, that the recipent of the mail would get any kind of “HTML-Source” if the email-client doesn’t support HTML. I learned, that as far as no special formats are used (bold, italic, size, etc.) RichText would be shown as plain text, if the recipents client doesn’t support RT (these formats would be ignored). Andre: I have to use Outlook-Automation, because I have to append at least two attachments! Thanx for your help! Regards, Jörg

Hi Jörg Perhaps you may look into the other OCX: http://www.nowecor.de/users/stephan/Navision/smtpocx.htm If I understand the text on the website correctly you can send an email with this OCX in plain text mode with more than one attachment. But - you will have the same problem as Tarek some days ago: You have to do a workaround to get the sent message in your Outlook ‘Sent box’ [:(]. bye André

Andre: Thank you for the hint! But I think I can not use this OCX because … … I would have to install the OCX on many PCs … our SMTP is not directly accessable (depends on our LAN/Firewall-configuration) … the eMail is just pre-configured by NAVISION and has to be modified manually I just talked with the responsible managers; they will make sure that HTML won’t be the default format. So it’s not a problem anymore. [:)] Thanx again & best regards, Jörg