Outlook Calender

Can i integrate outlook calender with navision 3.10, if yes then please tell me how

Navision had some demo code that was used to transfer data from navision to outlook. Maybe you should look at that. cheers Bharat Pondugula

Hello, I would suggest that you wait that you wait for Attain 3.60. According to the briefings that we have had, Attain 3.60 Relationship Management will intergrate Meetings/Calendar, Tasks and Contacts in Outlook as standard.

Thanks a lot.

Only problem is that as Navision (Beta 3.60) doesn’t have “Microsoft” access to Outlook; Outlook will warn you that a program is trying to access the data and prompt you to allow this. However they might have solved this in the final release. Alternatively you have to relax the security policy for Access.