Outlook Application Managment: OLHandler Problem.

Hi, Can anyone tell me what the subtype and class of the OLHandler global variable in CodeUnit 5072 should be? This codeunit is failing during log on to the database. When I open the object in designer the subtype just says “Unknown Automation Server”. I thought it might be to do with CDO, but CDO is installed on the p.c.! Also, despite being an unkown automation server, this codeunit still compiles on another p.c.! I am confused!! Thanks, Jon

Maybe this can help you? http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2351

Thanks, but this doesn’t answer my question about what the automation server should be! I have noticed when in object designer that changing the variable subtype will also delete the code, but if I get the right dll registered/installed on the p.c. hopefully I can then compile the codeunit straight away and I won’t have to even design the codeunit. p.s. its Navision 3.70 before anyone asks!

First of all, resetting the automation type will delete the code in the event triggers, so you will want to save that code somewhere in a text file or something, so you can restore the code. Then the one you’re looking for is “‘NS Outlook Synchronization Handler’.OApplication” version 1.7.