Outlook Add-In for Business Central (v.20)

We’ve been live on Business Central for just over a month now. Prior to going live I wanted to test the Outlook Add-In to ensure that was working as expected. Now, post go-live, I’m working on getting this rolled out to my users (one at a time), but was instantly stopped. When I tested this again with my own Outlook I seem to be stuck pointing to a test company that no longer exists.

On the Microsoft Community forum I found a post about re-running the assisted setup for “Outlook Add-in Centralized Deployment”. I followed the instructions for this and updated the O365 Admin as directed. This created two new xml files: Contact Insights and Document View. I tried to upload those so the add-in can be downloaded, I also pulled them in custom to my Outlook. Nothing seems to work. My add-in is still pointing to the deleted test company.

We currently run 3 live companies out of our BC production instance, so being able to specify the company is important. But ultimately I would settle for just our main company working.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or recommendations to get this corrected.


Hi Teresa,

I believe if you look at the xml file that you get and edit the file, you can see a reference to the AppDomain which points to your tenant including source location. Check and make sure it is pointing to the correct URL. This may also be caching that setup.

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Thank you! I will try that.