outbound service>Sales quotation line to an array> and array to table

i have created out bound service where i am passing from AX to other application,inserting the record in the table by calling the web services i inserted for sales quotation table but for the lines in sales quotation i am facing the problem and the line records need to pass in the array How to get the records from sales quotation line in array and how to pass the value to their table.please help me to resolve this issues

I don’t understand what problem you’re solving. Actually I have problem to understand the post at all - could you please start using sentences?

Sorry martin, for my bad english and writing skills. To put forward in a simple way… i want to pass the data of a table to array and then array to new table how to do that

Which array? Are you talking about an array of lines as part of document service data contract? If so, your question shouldn’t be how to pass them to array, because you’ll get the contract from the web service. But hard to say without details of what you’rfe doing and what’s the problem you need a help with.