Out- Sourced labor

Hi guys!

I have another scenario similar to the “Rework one” that were discussed previously.

Components Purchased:

Part A From Supplier X

Part B From Supplier Y

Labour From Supplier Z

Supplier Z:

Parts A & B are sent directly to Supplier Z

Supplier Z processed parts A & B and ships to the Company in a final assembly Part ABC

  • Receive the costs of Parts A & B as well as the cost of the Labour C.
  • Build the part ABC
  • Remove components and add the finished product ABC

I still want to do all receiving into Supplier location by adding item charges as labor but I have a doubt on how to manage the fact that Part ABC will be shipped instead of part A and Part C.

Any other ideas on how to do that in Navision??


You don’t want to use Manufacturing module, the solution provide by deadlizard in http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/thread/85487.aspx it’s still valid.
But his time you have to use BOM journal to build Items.

Hi Nuno Maia,

the fact is item ABC is a manufacturing item not an assembly. So in this case I will have to use PBOM

You can still BOM journal or Manufacturing. If you use BOM method it won’t be a simple way. Apply costs indirectly, etc.

With manufacturing it will be a simple task.