Out Of Memory when exporting to Excel

HI Guys ,

Am getting below error,please suggest to me.

while exporting one ledger to excel and its showing out of memory. Is there any other way to export the same ledger.
Please check the below screenshot.

I don’t see any screenshot. It would be also useful if you provided more information, namely what’s your version of AX, how are you exporting data to Excel and how much data it is.

Update: I do see your image (encoded by Base64 and embedded directly in the post) when editing your post, but it’s not included in the final HTML. It’s probably a bug, nevertheless please upload images somewhere and refer to them by URL.

Nevertheless the image didn’t answer my questions.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply,

Ax Version- 2009,

We are exporting data to Excel by using standard logic(Export to excel button).

Please check the below error.


By any chance, have you installed ‘ProtectTools’ from HP in your machine/laptop? If yes, you have to uninstall this.

Also can you let us details of SP if any.